A walk down memory lane...

With a new year beginning, I thought what a perfect time to look back on not only the fab trends but the god awful ones too. I think I speak for everyone when I say I am glad this year has ended. However, let's not just look at 2020. Let us look back at the trends from the whole decade prior.

I think as a generation we have successfully brought diversity in mainstream fashion. We have grown more aware of the damage fashion can make to the environment, we have banned fashion trends ie the boiler suits... seriously why did they come back? We have also introduced normal body types into the fashion industry and crushed gender norms. The elder generation calls us snowflakes for this.

Firstly let's talk about festival fashion. Festivals in the last 20 years have become incredibly more popular. Before 2010, the festival attire was mostly seen and considered similar to the 1970s 'hippie'. Yet with the growth of influencers, and bigger festivals such as Glastonbury and Coachella the sense of festival fashion has changed. Yes girls, we have adapted. I think festivals have become a place that you can experiment and have a sense of being 'free'. Although the flower crowns can stay in this decade thanks.

Okay, let's talk 2011 to 2015... the year that we all probably made a few 'cringe' moments whilst also giving ourselves stupid Snapchat usernames. Okay here goes, the black choker necklaces, don't want to talk about it? Yeah me too. This was a time period that high top chunky sneakers and skull scarfs were seen as the coolest things to have. Even the celebs were rocking their new buys from claire's accessories. I think the most astronomical mistake we all got roped into was the skater skirts and high socks. I myself was a victim of this trend, and I pray that any photos of this have been burnt and destroyed. Hey, but listen if you can rock these trends then you are winning!

The biggest success was the comeback of the 90s nostalgia. It has come back bigger and better. Bum bags, slip dresses, scrunchies, it has become the aesthetic of the 2020s. I think we can collectively agree we are HERE for it. This fashion style has brought a range of different looks and allowed creativity for all people. It has brought back this casual style, that we have all been waiting for. Loungewear sales have gone up by £28.67 bn since 2012. The new casual is an expression of burgeoning social ideas that include inclusivity, gender neutrality, and aesthetic ideals that aren’t based largely on getting yourself a date.

To conclude, this decade has taught us to be creative and to live in the moment. We may not be starting this year like we would have liked to, but if it has taught us anything, it's that life is too short. Be you.

By Jade Sienna Ricciardi

4th January 2021

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